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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 28, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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now, good morning maryland. a little rain and sleet and snow doesn't put a damper on a big ravens rally this morning at the inner harbor. i will have a live report coming up. that winter weather is causing delays, we have an updated list at the 6:00 hour, baltimore city, harford county, cecil, howard county, kent county on a 2-hour delay. >> columbia, timonium on a 90 minute delay. the united states naval academy on a 2-hour delay. >> gillman, on a 2-hour delay
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and roland park and the united states naval academy. look at the bottom of the screen, thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. we have the entire team with you, coverage going on insides and outside. lynette has you looking at the weather forecast, the colorful blob, you are watching the roads to make sure slick spots are tended to. >> a portion of 95, harford is shutdown. i will have the details coming up. hopefully it will end soon. >> tapering off around 10:00, 11:00, things getting ramped up, we can see all the blue out there, that's indicative of snow coming down on maryland's most powerful radar. don't think you are just getting snow in the blue, we are having wintery mix, mixing in as well. the pinks moving in. the green indicative of rain across the area. we have sleet, snow, and also freezing rain across the area
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this morning as well. we are going to be in the thick of things as we head through the remainder of this morning, we can zoom in around baltimore, this is where you are seeing mainly snow, like i said, don't just count on this, this is the radar, we try to give you and pinpoint where it is, don't be surprised if you are dealing with sleet in that snow this morning. more of the same, as we slide towards the north and west, there is snow coming down, dealing with the pinks across the area. there is a little bit of a wintery mix in there, sleet and freezing rain, on contact, it freezes because the surface has been so cold. with all this mess that we are seeing this morning, the roads are going to be little bit on the treacherous side. a winter weather advisory in effect for the areas here, shaded in the blue color until lunchtime today, then we plan your day for example you can stay home a little bit longer, that's the best bet, as we go
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in to the afternoon, things will switch to rain showers, the high temperature in at 38 degrees. >> reporter: we are here live at inner harbor, we are actually seeing a mix ofture and sleet and snow coming down here around us here. we are here, getting ready for the ravens rally, a number of fans have started to gather out here this morning, they are ready to cheer on the ravens before they head to the super bowl and board the the airplane, a number of fans are bundled up, braving the weather. they have their chairs and are ready. they are not going to let sleet and snow stop them. this morning, we have tina joibing us live. you are from western maryland, you and your family, children,
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2:30 this morning. tell us about why you are out here so early. >> you got to be here early to see what you want to see. >> we are dedicated fans and do what we got to do to make our kids happy. >> look at the weather. you have been here since 2:00 a.m. >> we might have to stay in baltimore another night. >> reporter: as you can sees the fans are not letting ttle b bother them, they are gung-ho about the ravens, excited about them going to the super bowl and celebrating. the event kicks off at 11:30, players will be here at 12:15, free breakfast and bundled up and ready for this big rally coming up this morning. sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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we are dealing with accidents across the region, 95 shutdown along the northbound leaps route 24s use route 4 oh route 7 as you alternate route, be medics responded to the scene. we will brin you latest as it becomes available. hunt valley, 83, at shawan road. no delays, but we are dealing with sleet, freezing rain and snow this morning, the roads will be very slick, icy in certain areas, take it slow, be careful, there are no delays once you get onto the jfx. an 11 minute ride, southbound, all the way down to east fayette street. no delays east side, an 11 minute ride on the outer loop, 95 up to 83, traffic is just starting to pick up right now on the west side, it's going to take you 12 minutes from 795, down to 95, a crash arundel
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county, summerton court, another notingham, bel air at necker avenue. that's a look at the morning commute. now to more on the coverage, the 49ers are waking up in the big easy , the team arrived last night this is the 6th trip to the super bowl for san francisco, they are five and 0 and the big game going in to the match up. the ravens are undefeated in the super bowl. we are heading to new orleans but going to be there for more than just the game. we are trying to do good. we are teaming up with st. bernard project to build homes for two families struggling to recover from hurricane katrina. if you want to help out, log on to abc 2 4 nola. you don't need any special skills to help out. harford county, you will have a chance to speak out
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about budget for 2014, david craig wants to hear your thoughts, a meet willing be held at 6:00 p.m. at aberdeen , the budget presented to the council that's coming up on april 1st. it happened to manti te'o and happened to others. >> on line dating, social media, they are not always what they seem. you need to commit a new word to your memory, cat fishing. what was once an adult only disease is changing what doctors say you should do to keep your family safe. the car on the left was filled up with
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left.
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a live look at the inner harbor, you can't see the snow now, that has not been the case for the last few minutes. ravens fans coming up for the pep rally. they were greeted by flurries. >> ice is expected to be a big story. the bottom of your screen, we will have the information. baltimore city, harford, cecil county, howard, kent county public schools on a 2-hour delay this morning.
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>> lorel university, columbia, timonium on a 90 minute delay, u.s. naval academy on a 2 hour delay. gillman, baltimore on a two hour delay, as is roland park. kind of scheme made famous by the manti te'o hoax, cat fishing is a phrase many are getting familiar with. >> you don't have to be famous to be a victim. joce sterman explains how common this is and how it works. >> reporter: as crazy as it sounds, happened to map tie tie yes happens everyday, not just to famous football players. >> everybody wants to feel needed and love. the scammer just knows how to pull them in to it. >> reporter: pulling them in by cat fishing, a testimony made famous by the 2010 film cat fish, a man has an on line love
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affair with the ideal woman who turns out not to exist. it's a scam built on trust, one email, one text, one phone call at a time. over months or in map tie tieio's case, years. >> -- manti te'o's case, years. >> a thought, fantasy in his head. >> reporter: private investigator says tieio is like many clients, the target of a cruel hoax. >> it's very hard for people to accept the fact that this pen doesn't exist. nothing is going to match up. you can send me to an address, it's not going to be the person. >> a person who wants something more than romance in return. >> there is money. they will always ask for money. >> she had clients send thousands of dollars to pay bills or buy gifts, tieio told espn said he never gave money
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to his so called girlfriend, she wanted to send him money. in most cases richie says once the money dries up, the scammer disappears and tieio's case, his girlfriend faked her death and broke his heart. >> they are truly embarrassed, they don't want to talk to friends and family, depleted the bank account and feel humiliated. >> joce sterman, abc2 news. we want to bring lynette here, the weather is the big story today as people head out the door, they should be wanted. the wintery mix, snow in some spots, nonetheless, we are dealing with slick roadways and we have rain out there in the green, call that freezing rain. that is sticking or freezing once it comes in contact with the ground. let's take you on a radar tour this morning, we can try to decipher what is going on this
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morning. we start in carroll county, around westminster, getting a little bit of both out thises we can see that mix and kima, union bridge, new windsors and also and winfield b dealing with plain snow as we slide further off towards the east around rs( dispringses heading in to baltimore county, butler, be seeing this around mission ridge this morning, phoenix and hunt valley, towards cecil county, we are dealing with snow across the yeah. don't be surprised if you are getting sleet mixing in. this is the scenario all morning longs we are to get through the remainder of the morning houses later on, we will deal with plain rain, caughtsey of cold air that's in place, you have the warmer air, riding along that.
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temperatures are on the cold side once again. 24-25 for this time of the year. temperatures really depicting where you are getting the snow or is sleet or the rain. 27 degrees now in west friendsship and westminsters 31 annapolis, huntingtown, centerville 33. federalsburg 32. this is happening through the rest of today, future trend will begin to dryout nicely by tomorrow, talking about more partly sunny but drier. today, we will get a break, we could be seeing rain showers in the picture as we deal with you commute home. a bad commute goings it could be a dicey commute back home for today. this is what it looks like for the planner, a high temperature coming in 38 degrees for today. a little bit below average that high is at 42 degrees now. the big story is the ice this morning, we will get through
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that as we jump to wednesday, we have thunderstorms in the forecast with the high temperature coming in at 63. let's talk about the sleet and snow and head to sherrie johnson. >> reporter: i am seeing sleet and some snow all mixed in together, we are hearing it come down a little bit more now. i'm here, live at the inner harbor, amphitheater, where a number of fans are starting to gather to give the ravens a big sendsoff before they head to new orleans. you can see a number of fans have started to gather at the main stage area, and basically, they are bundled up, they are ready here for the wintery mix they are facing. even standing here on the sidewalk area on the cobblestone it's slippery, you have to be careful, it's slipperier than when i first came out a couple of hours ago. we are seeing sleet, and rain, and snow, more sleet now than about within the past 30
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minutes. of course, folks want to take it easy as they are heading out, on the roadways, give yourself extra time. don't be in a rush this morning. take it easy. we will throw it over to loren with more on the traffic outlook. >> that sleet and rain is just starting to stick to the roads. it's making them slick, icy in certain areas, take it slow, use extra caution this morning, we are dealing with an accident, serious one in harford county, that shutdown the northbound lanes of 95, route 24, we learned one person has died in this accident. the highway will be closed for several hours, you will want to stick with route 40 or 7, as your alternate routes. problems persist in baltimore, there is a crash, notingham, bel air at necker avenue. if you are traveling on the beltway this morning, as we check in and look at harford road, that outer loop is picking up, that will remain the case as you make the push towards providence road. west side, at baltimore national pike, the outer loop
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slowing down from 795, to route 40. that's a look at your time saver traffic, char lirks over to you. health news, type 2 diabetes used to be thought of as an adult only disease. for the first time ever, a new set of guidelines created to manage kids ages 10- 18, who are type 2 diabetics. if blood sugar is above 250s you probably need insulin. other situations, there is benefits to using that, it's a pill not a shot. >> all shot. eat good fats.
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. thank you for joining us. it's time for caption this, viewers send in photos, we post them to the facebook paimg. this picture was submitted by michelle, of her dog, cheyenne. it's her diaper, shorts or whatever it is. it's generated comments on the
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head to, finds everything you need to know including myths involving the flu and the cold. we hope you enjoyed the break at the top. now prices are going back up. we will tell you how much you can expect to pay. argo, homeland, modern family, receiving awards last night, we will break down how nice it was at the awards.
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we have closures and delays. we will keep you posted. we received an updated list of the delays. baltimore city, harford, cecil county, howard and kent county
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schools, the schools are on a 2- hour delay. >> the campus in baltimores columbia ask timonium on a 90 minute delay. u.s. naval academy on a 2-hour delay. >> roland park country school on a 2-hour delay. all delays and closures can be found. we will keep you updated as soon as it becomes available. time to get to the forecast with lynette charles. it's a colorful blob sitting on the state. you call ate dicey commute, i call it an icy commute. it's going to be dangerous. a winter weather advisory for the areas in blue until lunchtime today, take it easy as you step out and about. we go to maryland's most powerful radar, we are seeing everything under the sun, except the sun this morning, right, how ironic is that? across the area, the wintery mix as we slide over towards


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